Arsonists will face murder charges when caught

Arsonists will face murder charges when caught | The Daily Telegraph.

YESTERDAY arsonsits re-lit blazes barely fought into submission by over-stretched fire crews.

As Victorian Premier John Brumby yesterday broke down in tears over the horrifying events, South Australian Premier Mike Rann described the arsonists as “terrorists”.

Premier Nathan Rees agreed, saying anyone caught lighting fires in NSW would be severely dealt with.

“This is not fun, this is not something clever,” he said.

“This is something that can kill people.”

One suspected arsonist was stopped by a witness who made a citizen’s arrest after noticing the man acting suspiciously at Mount Penang Parklands, on the Central Coast.

The Killarney Vale man, 31, was charged with lighting a blaze near Gosford that burned 175ha of bush.

In the Blue Mountains, a teenager was also charged for setting a fire that burnt a small area of bushland behind a community hall in Francis Rd, Faulconbridge.

The 15-year-old boy was charged with setting fire to property and possessing explosive devices.

He will face Parramatta Children’s Court at a later date.

The Victorian Country Fire Authority had confirmed many of the fires ton the weekend were deliberately lit.

“These people are terrorists within our nation, they are the enemy within and we have to be increasingly vigilant about them,” Mr Rann said.

Police warned anyone caught setting the fires could be charged with murder, as the death toll yesterday grew at a sickening rate.

CFA deputy chief Steve Warrington said firefighters battling a blaze at Churchill were being hampered by at least one firebug, re-igniting areas after fire crews had been through to extinguish the fire.

“We know we do have someone who is lighting fires in this community. While we often think it’s spotting, we also know there are people lighting fires deliberately,” he said.

Victoria Police Deputy Chief Commissioner Kieran Walshe would not say which fires police thought were the result of arson.

Could this be government-sponsored terrorism?

The only way to find out is to find out everything there is to know about the suspected arsonists.

So you think I’m a conspiracy nut?

Type in GOVERNMENT GENOCIDE in your search engine.