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    Finances of charity run by SEIU official scrutinized 

    Finances of charity run by SEIU official scrutinized – Los Angeles Times.

    The union officer gets more from the nonprofit, run from his home, than from his full-time San Francisco transit job. He’s also paid for use of the home and his son is on the charity payroll.
    By Paul Pringle
    March 11, 2009
    A Bay Area officer of the scandal-clouded Service Employees International Union has collected double salaries, one as a city transit worker and the other from a charity that receives much of its funding from the labor organization and corporate interests, records show.

    In addition, the nonprofit paid more than $16,000 in rent for the officer’s home in 2007, the most recent year for which the charity’s tax return is available, according to his son, who is also on the charity’s payroll.

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    Probe finds Army charity hoards millions 

    Probe finds Army charity hoards millions – Military- msnbc.com.

    FORT BLISS, Texas – As soldiers stream home from Iraq and Afghanistan, the biggest charity inside the U.S. military has been stockpiling tens of millions of dollars meant to help put returning fighters back on their feet, an Associated Press investigation shows.

    Between 2003 and 2007 — as many military families dealt with long war deployments and increased numbers of home foreclosures — Army Emergency Relief grew into a $345 million behemoth. During those years, the charity packed away $117 million into its own reserves while spending just $64 million on direct aid, according to an AP analysis of its tax records.

    Tax-exempt and legally separate from the military, AER projects a facade of independence but really operates under close Army control. The massive nonprofit — funded predominantly by troops — allows superiors to squeeze soldiers for contributions; forces struggling soldiers to repay loans — sometimes delaying transfers and promotions; and too often violates its own rules by rewarding donors, such as giving free passes from physical training, the AP found.

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    Do you trust Tony Blair? 

    Figures reveal Blair’s charity empire | Politics | The Observer.

    Charities are going to the wall, leading philanthropists are cutting back and patrons of the arts are closing their wallets. But in these financially straitened times, Tony and Cherie Blair are emerging as the UK’s answer to Bill and Melinda Gates.

    Documents filed at Companies House show the former prime minister and his wife have been busy establishing a series of charities that have global reach and expansive ambitions. Many politicians decide to set up charitable organisations after they leave office, but the Blairs’ ambitions are different in that their scale dwarfs those of their British predecessors.

    Everything from striving for the promotion of women entrepreneurs to encouraging healthy Geordies, eradicating fatal illnesses and bringing lasting peace to the Middle East are to receive the Blairs’ philanthropic touch.

    And while many charities are having trouble raising funds, not to mention attracting the suitably connected personnel necessary to achieve their goals, the Blairs are encountering no such problems. The names of those lending support to their charitable trusts read like a Who’s Who of movers and shakers from sport, religion and philanthropy.

    • compton arthur 7:14 pm on February 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      tony blair is one of thatchers children a liar of the first degree

    • compton arthur 7:18 pm on February 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      what about the knights of saint columba who take an oath with their hand on a revolver swearing oaths against protestants.forget the masons they will defend britian

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    Charity ordered to pay back £185k 

    Charity ordered to pay back £185k – Third Sector.

    Suffolk welfare charity ordered to return grant to European Social Fund after flood destroys vital documents

    A Suffolk charity has been told to repay nearly £200,000 of grant funding after a flood left it unable to provide documentation on how the money was spent.

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    Charity Run by Joyner-Kersee Faces Scrutiny 

    PND – News – Charity Run by Joyner-Kersee Faces Scrutiny.

    A financially troubled charity headed by Olympic star Jackie Joyner-Kersee paid at least $457,000 in consulting fees to her husband’s private foundation between 2003 and 2006, during which time the foundation failed to file federal income statements as required by law, the Belleville (IL) News-Democrat reports.

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    NBA Player Charities Often Shoot, Miss 

    PND – News – NBA Player Charities Often Shoot, Miss.

    An analysis of hundreds of tax documents filed by NBA player charities has found that many of the foundations — especially those set up by the athletes themselves — face a dizzying array of problems, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

    Although many NBA players devote a portion of their wealth to charity, those efforts often go awry, the Tribune found. According to the paper’s analysis, while the eighty-nine standalone charities set up by NBA players reported total revenue of $31 million between 2005 and 2007, only 51 cents of every dollar spent by the typical charity was allocated to charitable programs — well below the 65 cents most philanthropic watchdog groups view as acceptable. Moreover, up to a quarter of the charities analyzed could not produce the basic documentation required by the IRS; about a third of the charities were funded by the athlete’s own wealth rather than a sustainable stream of donations; and only a few of the player-run charities had hired full-time directors.

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    Millions missing at Philadelphia-area charity 

    Millions missing at Philadelphia-area charity | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/07/2009.

    A charitable foundation on the Main Line has lost as much as $15 million entrusted to a self-employed Broomall investment manager, according to one of its trustees.

    Joseph S. Forte is the investment manager, and the missing money is inspiring comparisons to the Bernard L. Madoff scandal on Wall Street.

    Details emerged late last week and caused a buzz in places ranging from the steps of a church in Wayne to Main Line money-management circles.

    A trustee of the Thornton D. & Elizabeth S. Hooper Foundation, which listed $15.22 million in assets under management by Joe Forte L.P. in its latest public filing, said he did not know what had happened to the money.

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    Charity homes built by the famous falling apart 


    Residents of a model housing estate bankrolled by Hollywood celebrities and hand-built by Jimmy Carter, the former US president, are complaining that it is falling apart.

    Fairway Oaks was built on northern Florida wasteland by 10,000 volunteers, including Carter, in a record 17-day “blitz” organised by the charity Habitat for Humanity.

    Eight years later it is better known for cockroaches, mildew and mysterious skin rashes.

    A forthcoming legal battle over Fairway Oaks threatens the reputation of a charity envied for the calibre of its celebrity supporters, who range from Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt to Colin Firth, Christian Bale and Helena Bonham Carter.

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    Telemarketers Take 60% Of Charitable Monies Raised 

    North Country Gazette » Telemarketers Take 60% Of Charitable Monies Raised.

    NEW YORK—For-profit “telemarketers” take huge percentages of contributions New Yorkers give to charities according to a report issued Tuesday by the state Attorney General’s office.

    According to the report, on average, just 39 cents of every charitable dollar raised by these professional telemarketing companies actually goes to charity. The balance is used to pay fees and expenses associated with the fundraising. The report, issued by the Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, will help New Yorkers to make more informed decisions when giving to charities across the state.

    According to the report, telemarketers raised a total of $178.7 million on behalf of 442 charities. In total, $108.2 million, or approximately 61 percent, was paid to the telemarketers as fees and other costs of the campaigns, leaving charities with less than 40 percent of the money actually raised for their causes

    • John/Jerry MacLean 11:02 am on January 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      In reference,to the regarding your Telemarketers Take 60% of Charitable Monies Raised.For-Profit
      ” Telemarketers” take huge percentages of contributions.This is so sadful to be hearing about,
      even in New York.
      If,this is the reality ,that less monies raised don’t reach all the charities,that Helps,Assists and Aids
      all those Less-Unfortunate citizens.Then,what is the purpose,for the Telemarketers to exist,if they
      are all in it for themselves for profits only.
      I am positive,in these cases,it must be the very same in our country of Canada,across the board.
      whom are only exsiting as Telemarketers in Canada for “Profits” Only,and less monies rasied,does not reach those,all the Canadian Charites,helping,assisting,aiding those that really needing it.It goes to showing every-working-citizens of all our citizenry populations,in North-
      America,Canada and world wide.That, such individuals,peoples,are running rampant everywhere
      with only one thing in mind,who all are “SELF-INTEREST”,- “SELF-SERVING”,SELFISH,AND GREEDY.
      It makes us all thinking and wondering,now.Should we as the citizenry population,Give-Away our
      earned hard working dollars to these Telemarketers,whom call us,telling us a web of lies,deciets and deceptions,that all monies they raise ,genuinly goes to the charities,they are asking us to donate money for,in the end when it really doe’snt. Only you the citizens can decide and make your own choices on this one for your own selves.Be smart and wise,think twice before,giving
      your hard earned monies out to any “TELEMARKETERS” whom calling you for any Donations.

  • wingover 12:03 pm on December 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Red Cross gives LAME excuse why it’s silent on rights violations 

    Red Cross explains why it`s silent on rights violations

    Consideration to dignity, security and welfare of detainees and victims of wars are among factors that prohibit International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) from disclosing information of what is really going on in detention camps and conflict areas such as killing and torture of the detainees.

    A representative of ICRC -Tanzania Office, Beat Armin Mosimann said this during a media seminar held in Dar es Salaam over the weekend to create awareness among journalists and media practitioners of the activities and roles of the ICRC and its affiliates.

    It also highlighted areas where media and ICRC can work together in offering emergency humanitarian assistance.

    According to Mosimann, ICRC has always observed a number of human rights violations in detention camps and conflict areas, but is obliged not to disclose them to avoid putting the lives, dignity, security and welfare of the victims at risk.

    “We have always observed serious abuse and violation of human rights in detention camps and in conflict areas. These include torture and killing of the detainees.

    But working under impartiality, neutrality and as an independent organization which has the role of protecting lives and the dignity of the victims, we cannot make the information public.

    Once we make everything public, it is obvious that the lives and dignity of the victims would be in danger,“ he said.

    He added that, although the media was eager to know what exactly went on in the camps for the purpose of publishing stories, such a move would make ICRC lose its impartiality in the eyes of both, owners of the detention camps and the conflicting sides, and its trust and permission to visit the victims.

    Asked about the fate of the Tanzanian -Suleiman Abdallah Salim who was said to be tortured by US soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq; Mosimann said: “I can simply say we have Salim`s contacts and we are closely following his condition.“ Mosimann declined to go further saying that the statements would damage the ICRC image.

    For his part, facilitator of the seminar, Ubwa Suleiman from the Tanzania Red Cross Society said the media was an essential tool in explaining the roles of the organization and encouraging people to help others.

    “People can easily hear what you are saying. We are sure that having known roles and functions of ICRC and its affiliates, media can be an important tool in ensuring needy people get required emergency humanitarian assistance,“ he said.

    He added that on May 8, next year, ICRC would mark 150 years of Solferino war during which the idea of establishing the Red Cross movement was born.

    He said the anniversary would also be used to mark 60 years of the Geneva Convention which recognized and put a legal framework of the red cross movements and activities.

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