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    Blaze Hits Masonic Hall Fire Crews Battle For Three Hours 

    Blaze Hits Masonic Hall Fire Crews Battle For Three Hours.

    Fire rews battled for more than three hours to control a massive blaze at a Masonic Hall in Glasgow. The fire engulfed the roof of the building yards from the busy West End Retail Park in Crow Road. It’s understood two workmen carrying out repairs to the hall may have accidentally sparked the inferno.

    More than 25 firefighters from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue tackled the blaze, which raged from more than three hours Neighbours raised the alarm at around 1.20pm when flames were spotted shooting out of a section of the roof.

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    Masonic Bible used in inaugurations 

    Bible has a storied role in inaugurations – Los Angeles Times.

    Well documented, however, is the Bible that the first president used for his oath.

    Four chief executives — Warren G. Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush — have sworn upon the Bible that Washington used at the first presidential inauguration in 1789.

    This particular tome was a late addition to the festivities. Because a Masonic lodge played a role in the ceremony, held at Federal Hall in New York, the group continues to recount the story. In 1918, Adolph Geering, once a master of St. John’s Masonic Lodge in New York, said, “Everything was ready for the administration of the oath of office.”

    But there was no Bible.

    New York Chancellor Robert Livingston, who was to administer the oath, and the inaugural parade marshal were both Freemasons, like many early American leaders. The marshal retrieved a Bible from the altar of their nearby lodge so the oath could begin.

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    First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held 


    First-Ever Masonic Inaugural Ball to be Held.

    January 2, 2009 — William R. Singleton Hope Lebanon Lodge #7 is hosting the first-ever Masonic Inaugural Ball in honor of President-elect, Barack Obama and Vice-President Elect Joseph Biden. Tickets are limited, so you are encouraged to purchase yours quickly.

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    Masonic Hall Destroyed In North Anson 

    WCSH6.com | Portland, ME | Historic Hall Destroyed In North Anson

    NORTH ANSON (NEWS CENTER)–Fire destroyed the Odd Fellows hall in North Anson Saturday night.

    It was also known as the Masonic hall and once included the North Anson post office, the Carrabassett Light and Power Company, and the Ideal Print Company. The Odd Fellows Hall was located on the top floor.

    Fire crews say the fire was well under way when they got to the hall. Flames could be seen for miles.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Fire Marshal’s office.

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    ‘God’s Banker’ death still a mystery 


    The Roberto Calvi story reads like the pages of a John Grisham thriller. It is a dark tale of Mafiosi, Masonic lodges, Cold War plots and a sinister Vatican archbishop.

    Propaganda Due/P2

    P2 was sometimes referred to as a “state within a state” or a “shadow government”. The lodge had among its members prominent journalists, parliamentarians, industrialists, and military leaders — including the then-future Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi; the Savoy pretender to the Italian throne Victor Emmanuel; and the heads of all three Italian intelligence services.

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    Trial could force judges to declare they are Masons 


    The alleged influence of Freemasons in the Scottish judiciary was challenged yesterday in a case that could lead to all Scottish sheriffs having to declare their Masonic links.

    The alleged influence of Freemasons in the Scottish judiciary was challenged yesterday in a case that could lead to all Scottish sheriffs having to declare their Masonic links.

    Thomas Minogue, from Dunfermline, accused of stealing parts of a bridge, asked Dunfermline Sheriff Court to make it known to him whether the judge hearing his case was a Mason. Mr Minogue said there was a possibility that if the judge was a Mason he would not receive a fair trial.

    He claimed that two-thirds of all Scottish judges and sheriffs practised Freemasonry and that because part of their allegiance to the brotherhood included giving “brother Masons the benefit of the doubt” he could be at an unknown disadvantage during his trial. That would be a breach of his human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, which came into force in Scotland last year, he said.

    • Steve Skinner 11:52 pm on December 6, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      As a member of the blue lodge in Texas, I can testify that the allegation of giving “brother Masons the benefit of the doubt” is not a part of our obligation. In fact it might well be that a brother Mason would be held to a higher standard than others for the simple reason he has obligated himself to do the right thing regarding other people. While the accused has a right of the presumption of innocence, at least he would under Texas and U.S. law, he is accused of a highly serious crime, ie., stealing parts of a bridge. This would, if true, endanger all who pass over it. Attacking Masons hardly seems to be a serious defense. Steve

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    Sarah Palin: I proclaim April 19-22 as Prince Hall Masonic Week 


    WHEREAS, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alaska Inc., Free and Accepted Masons of the Alaska Jurisdiction has been in existence since September 1969.

    WHEREAS, the members of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, F. & A.M. and the Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of Eastern Stars have rendered valuable service in all levels of government and in their communities. The Prince Hall Masonic Family has become a valuable resource in Alaska, through its civic contributions.

    WHEREAS, special recognition is extended to the Prince Hall Masonic family for its commitment to civic contributions, demonstrated through the awarding of educational scholarships and its substantial financial and volunteer participation in the commemoration of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.

    WHEREAS, the Prince Hall Grand Lodge will convene its 39th Annual Communication and the 36th Annual Communication of the Prince Hall Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Stars, beginning April 19, 2008, in Anchorage, Alaska.

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska, do hereby proclaim April 19-22, 2008, as:

    Prince Hall Masonic Week

    in Alaska, and encourage all citizens to observe these days.

    • Fred Anderson 10:18 pm on February 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I hope this is a joke

    • R. Ray 1:01 pm on February 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      This is NOT a Joke. You can see photos of the Palins in Masonic poses during the 2008 Election campaign. There is a bloodline connection of Sarah Palin to “Elites” that goes back in time besides the Jewish side of her. Sarah Palin was groomed for the VP Cantidate position long before McCain seemed to pick her out of “nowhere” to run with him. Enclosed is the Alaska Government website that shows this Masonic Proclamation of Sarah Palin. Note that April 19/20 is a Satanic time of human sacrifice like think of April 19th and Waco massacre, then 2 years later to the day was the Oklahoma City bombing where MacVeigh was the fall-guy much like Lee Harvey Oswald for JFK’s assassination.

      Sarah Palin is corrupt and will be seen more in Politics over time. She is evil incarnate in Reality. Palins are Masonic, clearly. Recently, Sarah Palin lied to her GOP constituents about making an appearance so she could be in Washington DC for a party there with Obama and other “Elites.” Palin is a FRAUD, who uses perverted Charismatic Religion to hide behind. Alaska under Palin reeks of corruption and deceit. Next time Palin pops up in Politics, we need to go to Home Depot to get Skank-Repellant. Nuff’ said. Scope the Alaska Gov. website. Later~


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    Freemasonry Revealed Part 1 of 3 


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    Masonic Moon 

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    13 Masonic Secrets 1 of 13 


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